Monday, July 27, 2009


old man drawing in my sketchboook. gotta finish.
did this when there were no customers. feel like my colouring is improving although it took me ages to colour. FYI, he is wearing a yellow overall like the workers at wonderland. those poor souls have to wear that everyday. D:

NOT caricatures, just random faces i wanted to draw. Asians are fun to draw =)
cowboy! this took me forever to finish!...forever meaning like 5 hrs. the hardest part i would say was drawing the hands so that they actually looked structurally correct. there are still some things i want to fix but im proud that i actually stuck to it and finished it. *pat on the back :)
Ahaha, so i came back from my break to find my co-workers Ed, Freddy helping this girl create a monkey character so she could have it henna'd on her back. FUN. so basically Freddy drew the monkey's head, Ed drew the body and me and my other co-worker Jenna drew the little bunny and snake and the other little bits.
TA-DA! :)