Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bed head.

Which is more visually appealing?
i kind of like the second one better but i feel its too much white.
what do you think? and any kind of constructive criticism is welcome :3


  1. cool shit..i think the lens flare is distracting, and takes away from the drawing. dulls out the hair tone, which could be way darker. i like the hair texture, sonny. keep it up!

  2. boo, everybody's hating on the lens flare D:
    i like it because it gives in a sense of warmth...?
    i'll post one up without the lens flare n see what people think :d

  3. i think you can add a bit of color to the sheets alone instead of the left side so that way its not too much white. fade them off on the sides as opposed to just having color on teh left side? cuz when you look at it with a squint you notice the color is contending with the focus which is the girl. yea about the lens flare....

  4. its cool.. its clean and messy but it works what was done messy should be drawn messy.. the flare is fine.. what i would fix, is the expression, specially the eyes and eyebroys arent clear on what expression you trying to show. rather than her zoning out draw her sleepy maybe reacting to the light, mouth is fine.. love the body