Tuesday, August 10, 2010

braided dancer.

so here's what i've been working on for the last couple days. I REALLY wanted to draw something Indian related, so i chose an indian dancer.
a couple weeks ago, my friends and i went to the San Diego Comic Con and we were able to meet many artists such as Jin Kim, Glen Keane, John Nevarez, Chris Sanders and Steve Silver. Steve silver was doing some portfolio reviews so we decided to have our work evaluated. He mentioned that I should work on dynamic posing and volume. I tried to work more on both these things. I am not really sure if my sense of volume improved but i think the posing is a little better? maybe? Any suggestions?
oh yah, umm... i dont know if i completely like the colours i've used...again, any suggestions?

Also, I asked my friend Eyassu to do an indian dancer as well so check it out! http://left-at-albuquerque.blogspot.com/


  1. whaaa its soo good!!! i love it! omg im so jealous! btw i read your facebook status and had to draw you in the rain. ill tag you in a bit :D

  2. i'd say the one thing is you're losing a bit of volume in the chest and the left arm (the raised one) i think if you got some overlap on the arm where it connects to the torso and if you add a bit of value to flesh out the chest. same thing with the legs. the left leg is great and you get a good depth because of the value. but the right leg is a little flat. cuz its mostly even toned.and watch the light direction and shadow placement. remember how scott always tells us to draw grids :D but yea its amazing...i need to find my tablet pen so i can paint!!!

  3. wonderful! and i love the colours, don't change them! looks great, makes me want to make/post more art right now!! (but with work it's hard to find the time..hopefully soon though!) :)