Tuesday, August 10, 2010

winter is my best friend.

so this is a quick drawing i did at 3 in the morning D:
should be sleeping but i haven't been able to fall asleep easily these past couple days.
i should lay off the coffee.
so yah, i don't like summer as much as i do winter. these past 2 summers have been terribly humid and rainy.
anyways..yes..lemme know what you think! :D


  1. i love it! i like the textures and the colours, very cool. you could probably add some darker tones/cast shadows to punch it up a bit, like where the hair meets the neck/chin, under the scarf, under the jacket, etc. even if its a stylistic choice, i think just having a cast shadow thats slightly darker than the local colour will make it pop. this really is awesome though :)

  2. agree with noam. and it's so adorable!

  3. I like the texture of the cardboard, it makes everything feel more traditional. Are you allowing the cardboard to show through the painting a bit with like with an overlay or something?

    Anyways you suck, go die. See you soon I hope.