Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i am 5.

this is me channeling my inner 5 year old. Rachelle and i are staring in awe as lisa is throwing shards of yellow glass at us while edric is just never in on the fun :3
so my roommate Rachelle started drawing luchador masks so i decided to draw a hunky luchador P:
this was a collaboration with my roommate rachelle (once again). As you can see, we really love each other. ho yah, so we were watching 'grand torino' while drawing this so there is a random Clint Eastwood and a ginger priest. :3

oh and you should check out rachelle's blog. she's pretty dope.


  1. YOU're pretty dope! <3

    and, its fun to hold pastels like a 5 year old... like we have no fine motor skills. :d